“Protests Spread in Southern Mongolia, Thousands More Take to the Streets”

In an update to what we had yesterday, it looks like the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center has received pictures from a number of protests across Inner Mongolia that have taken place over the last few days, ranging from fairly small to fairly large.  Do check out the pictures- this is the largest expression of Mongolian solidarity in decades, so far as I know.

Following a series of protests in Right Ujumchin Banner and Shiliin-hot City, on May 26, 2011 local time, thousands more Mongolian herders and students took to the streets in Huveet Shar Banner (“Xiang Huang Qi” in Chinese) and Left Ujumchin Banner (“Dong Wu Qi” in Chinese) in Shiliin-gol League of Southern (Inner) Mongolia to urge the Chinese authorities to respect the Mongolian herders’ right to their land and right to maintain their traditional way of life. Protestors held the banners and posters of “defend the rights of Mongols”, “defend the homeland” and shouted slogans to march toward the Banner governments.

Again, more as events develop.


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